Use of Images

  • Safe Use of Images in Childcare Provision and other Settings

    Information for Parents and Carers

    Unfortunately images of children can be misued so childcare providers and other establishments are advised to adopt guidelines to prevent this from happening and to reflect the protective ethos of the provision.

    Providers are required to seek parent’s permission before taking images of children and young people up to the age of 18 and so parents are likely to be asked to sign a consent form.

    The term images include photographs, video and nursery website.

    Providers use images in children’s files, displays and other publicity material. These images will be destroyed or returned to parents when they are no longer used.

    Sometimes the media wish to take images of children in a childcare setting.

    Any external photographer will have their organisation checked and photo or video sessions will be properly supervised. They will also have a DBS check.*

    If you have any queries please speak to your childcare provider.

    The safe use of images can be a source of pleasure and pride and a valuable record of the achievements of your child.

    We do occasionally take photographs of the children for the Nursery Prospectus/College Prospectus web site or to put up around the Nursery and College. If you agree, please fill in the form which is to be found at the back of the Prospectus.

    *DBS – The Disclosure and Barring Service