Parents as Partners

  • The Nursery team will work with the parents as partners in providing good quality care for their children and will ensure and encourage:

    • All parents are welcome to visit the Nursery at any time.
    • Parents have access to their child’s records and are asked to contribute and are consulted in respect of the care given.
    • Parents are able to share information and their views and concerns are respected.
    • Information about the nursery activities and events is regularly distributed.
    • Parents are able to inspect all the policies and procedures of the Nursery at any time, these are also on the College internet.
    • Parents are able to speak privately to the Nursery Manager at any time regarding their child.
    • All staff are aware of the need to maintain privacy and confidentiality.
    • A written complaints procedure is in the Nursery Policy folder and information is on notice boards throughout the nursery.
    • If a child is identified as a child in need (Childcare Act 2006, Childcare Act 2014 and the Early Years Register 2008) the Head of Nursery will usually with the parent’s permission, give appropriate information to referring agencies.
    • Newsletters will be given out to each parent each term from each room.

    Settling In

    The Nursery Manager, Key Person and Parents/Carers can
    decide the best settling in procedure for the individual child.
    This will be discussed and planned prior to each child starting Teddy Bear
    Nursery, during their visits we encourage parents/carers and children to visit
    two/three times for 1/2 to 1 hour before deciding a settling in programme.