For Parents

  • All parents should be aware that our offer of Nursery places is to approved and officially registered standards.

    This commitment means that we guarantee staffing levels for a limited number of places. Your booking is reflected in the issue of staff contracts. For this reason we must achieve the agreed fee income.

    Parents should also be aware that the College subsidises Nursery places.

    Teddy Bear Nursery has an extensive number of policies and procedures in place including: Child Protection and Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Complaints policy, Equality and Diversity, Intimate Care and many more.

    All our policies and procedures can be viewed through the college web site

    They are also displayed in a folder in the main entrance for your information or you can request copies from the Head of Nursery or Deputy Manager.

    Full copies of the College’s Policies & Procedures are available from the Head of Nursery.

    Registration No – Nursery 221542