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    We offer a quality children care and friendly atmosphere

    Bookings will be accepted for September from June 2016. A timetable and a £10 registration fee are required. This is a charge for registration and does not form part of the fees – it is also non-refundable should you decide not take up the place reserved for you.

    Please speak to Pam Burton Head of Nursery for Nursery Fees

    Fees are payable weekly or monthly in advance.

    If your child is going to be absent please let the Head of Nursery know. If the Head of Nursery has not been informed and your child is absent for more than three weeks the Nursery place will be withdrawn. Please note that fees will be payable in full during absence.

    01480 379228 Pam-burton@huntingdon.ac.uk

    Please make sure that the emergency contact numbers are correct and we are able to contact you.

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